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"One family, six months, zero digital devices. Read this true story for inspiration. Read it for laughs. Maybe even read it on your iPad" -, 15 Books to Watch for in January 2011 (Read more:

"The author narrates her story in a breezy, irreverent style, but beneath the humor is much wisdom about what our wired world does for us and to us... No Luddite diatribe, but an insightful tale of the digital dilemmas familiar to many families." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

When Susan Maushart first announced her intention to pull the plug on her family's entire armory of electronic weaponry for six months - from the itsy-bitsiest iPod Shuffle to her son's seriously souped-up gaming PC - her three kids didn't blink an eye. Says Maushart: "Looking back, I can understand why. They didn't hear me."

The Winter of Our Disconnect challenges readers to examine the toll that technology is taking on their own family connections, and to create a media ecology that instead encourages kids-and parents-to thrive. Indeed, as a self-confessed single mom who "slept with her iPhone," Maushart knew her family's exile from Cyburbia wasn't going to be any easier for her than for her three teenagers, ages fourteen, fifteen, and eighteen. Yet they all soon discovered that the rewards of becoming "unplugged" were more rich and varied than any cyber reality could ever be.

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2011 Encounters/Real Life Reading (Reader's Digest Condensed/ANZ)

WWWN"Maushart offers a breezy style, vivid personal anecdotes and a funny take on female-male relationships."—Kirkus Reviews

What Women Want Next is a guide for the perplexed of both genders. Susan Maushart unsheathes her notorious wit and unerring sense of style on the knotty question of feminine fulfilment in a postfeminist world.

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wifework"An often funny dissection of modern marriage, it is 100% honest - like the rest of this smart and witty book." - Publishers Weekly

"Maushart's book is funny, fast, angry and just the job to get sparks flying across the table at dinner parties." - Daily Mail (UK)

"Maushart delves deep into this continuing phenomenon and looks at how marriage can be made into something more fun and less exhausting for the modern woman. Wifework is an enlightening book that encourages its readers to reassess marriage and what it should entail in today's society. Provocative and inspirational, it's a compelling read." - Irish News

Husbands and wives may say they are committed to equality. Yet, whether employed or not, wives still perform an astounding share of the physical, emotional and organisational labour in marriage — everything from housework to ‘sex work’. Wifework is lucid, funny, provocative and inspirational. Every woman will recognise its passionate message — and every man may have to.

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" ... seldom have the conundrums of a whole generation of middle-class women been so clearly and so sympathetically expressed. Maushart has written a feminist classic." - The Sunday Times (London)

"A gust of fresh air and an antidote to romantic notions of motherhood. Susan Maushart writes with terrific verve and style" - Sheila Kitzinger, MBE

When a woman becomes a mother, her relationships, her professional identity and her sense of self will never be the same again. The fact is, the presence of children does not simply add to the lives of their parents, it transforms them completely.

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sort of

First published in 1993, Sort of a Place Like Home is the award-winning study of life within the Moore River Native Settlement. Part of the bold social experiment by the 'Chief Protector of Aborigines' A O Neville, the Western Australian settlement was for thirty years 'sort of a place like home' for thousands of indigenous people.

Making extensive and imaginative use of oral sources and official documents, Sort of a Place Like Home creates a vivid and intimate picture of the life experience of Moore River inmates, while documenting the appalling bureaucratic incompetence, official indifference and occasional brutality that made Moore River notorious. Surprisingly, not all the memories are bad. In the midst of the institutional gloom, determination and optimism united inmates – a testament to the human durability that Neville's experiment sought to destroy.

"Typically vivid and concise ... [an] engrossing evocation of this sequestered child world." - The Age (Melbourne)

Winner, Adelaide Festival Non-fiction Award, 1994

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