Husbands and wives may say they are committed to equality. Yet, whether employed or not, wives still perform an astounding share of the physical, emotional and organisational labour in marriage — everything from housework to ‘sex work’. Wifework is lucid, funny, provocative and inspirational. Every woman will recognise its passionate message — and every man may have to.

  • An often funny dissection of modern marriage, it is 100% honest - like the rest of this smart and witty book.
  • Maushart's book is funny, fast, angry and just the job to get sparks flying across the table at dinner parties.
  • Maushart delves deep into this continuing phenomenon and looks at how marriage can be made into something more fun and less exhausting for the modern woman. Wifework is an enlightening book that encourages its readers to reassess marriage and what it should entail in today's society. Provocative and inspirational, it's a compelling read.
    — IRISH NEWS )